Business Segment



Peixe Angical HPP 
Location: Tocantins
Installed Capacity: 498.8 MW
Physical Guarantee: 280.5 average MW
Concession Maturity: November, 2036
Initiation of Operations: 2006
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 60%


Mascarenhas HPP 
Installed Capacity: 198.0 MW
Physical Guarantee: 134.8 average MW
Concession Maturity: July 2025
Initiation of Operations: 1974
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 100%

Investco / Lajeado

Luis Eduardo Magalhães HPP 
Location: Tocantins
Installed Capacity: 902.5 MW
Physical Guarantee: 505.1 average MW
Concession Maturity: January 2033
Initiation of Operations: 2001
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 73%

Porto do Pecém I TPP

Porto do Pecém I TPP
Location: Ceará
Installed Capacity: 720.3 MW
Physical Guarantee: 645.3 average MW
Concession Maturity: July 2043
Initiation of Operations: December 2012

Santo Antônio do Jari HPP

Santo Antônio do Jari HPP 
Location: Between Pará and Amapá State
Installed Capacity: 393.0 MW
Physical Guarantee: 222.0 average MW
Concession Maturity: December 2044
Initiation of Operations: since 2015
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 50%

Cachoeira Caldeirão HPP

Cachoeira Caldeirão HPP
Location: Amapá
Installed Capacity: 219.0 MW
Physical Guarantee: 129.7 average MW
Concession Maturity: December 2048
Initiation of Operations: since 2017
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 50%

São Manoel HPP

São Manoel HPP 
Location: between Mato Grosso and Pará State
Installed Capacity: 735.8 MW
Physical Guarantee: 430.4 average MW
Concession Maturity: April 2049
Initiation of Operations: since 2018
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 33.33%


EDP São Paulo

Concession Area: 28 municipalities in the state of São Paulo, specifically those in the region of the Upper Tietê, Paraíba Valley and Northern Sea-Board, a total area of 9.6 thousand Km²
Client Base: 1.9 million invoiced customers
Population in the Concession Area: 4.6 million
Consumer Profile (2020): residential 26%, industrial 48%, commercial 16%, rural 0% and others 7%
Volume of Distributed Energy in 2020 (captive and free): 14,898 GWh
Concession Maturity: October 2028

EDP Espírito Santo

Concession Area: 70 of the 78 cities of the Espirito Santo State, area of  41.2 thousand km²
Client Base: 1.6 million invoiced costumers
Population in the Concession Area: 3.8 millions
Consumer Profile (2020): residential 26%, industrial 38%, commercial 16%, rural 9% and others 9%
Volume of Distributed Energy in 2020 (captive and free):  9,523 GWh
Concession Maturity: July 2025


Concession Area: 285 municipalities in Santa Catarina (92% of the state’s territory) and in Rio Negro, Paraná
Client Base: 3.133 million invoiced costumers
Consumer Profile (2020): residential 25,6%, industrial 39,1%, commercial 16,2%, rural 4,9% and others 14,2%
Volume of Distributed Energy in 2020 (captive and free):  25,151 GWh
Concession Maturity: July 2045
Proportional to EDP Energias do Brasil’s stake: 29.90%


EDP Comercialização

Commercialized Energy in 2020: 25,554 GWh.

Responsible for EDP Energias do Brasil’s commercialization activities.

EDP Grid

Acquisition in December 2015.

EDP GRID Gestão de Redes Inteligentes de Distribuição S.A. covers the solar energy, energy efficiency and electric mobility segments.

In solar energy, it has been consolidated as one of the main market players with 46 MWp in photovoltaic projects contracted. It operates with models of sale and lease of assets for distributed generation, in the captive market, and self-generation of energy, in the free market.



The Company has 1,574 km in Transmission projects, with 316 km already operational and the remaining in the construction or licensing phase.

EDP won the Lot 24 in the Second Stage of the Transmission Auction No. 013/2015, organized by ANEEL.

LOT 24

Location: Espírito Santo
Lenght: 113 Km
Concession Maturity: February 2047
Operation Start-Up: december 2018

The Company won Lots 7, 11, 18 and 21 in the Transmission Auction No. 05/2016, organized by ANEEL.


Location: Maranhão
Lenght: 123 Km
Concession Maturity: August 2047
Project under construction

LOT 11

Location: Maranhão
Lenght: 203 Km
Concession Maturity: August 2047
Operation Partial:
Stretch 1: January 2020
Stretch 2: August 2020

LOT 18

Location: between São Paulo and Minas Gerais
Lenght: 375 Km
Concession Maturity: August 2047
Project under construction

LOT 21

Location: Santa Catarina
Lenght: 484,5 Km
Concession Maturity: August 2047
Project under construction

In 2019, EDP acquired 100% of the shares of Litoral Sul Transmissora de Energia LTDA, lot Q of the first stage of the transmission auction 13/2015, held in April 2016.


Location: between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul
Lenght: 142 Km
Concession Maturity: June 2046
Project under licensing phase


Location: Maranhão
Lenght: 133 Km
Concession Maturity: August 2047
Operation Start-Up: Setember 2022

Last update March 26, 2021


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